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Service Contract
Terms and Conditons

Benefits of the Best Energy Sw Ltd Service Plan

Service Plans offer complete peace of mind - for a small premium your Hot Water and Central heating equipment will be serviced and covered in the event of breakdown. See below table for scope of cover.

What the Best Energy SW Ltd Service Plan Provides

  • Travel time & Cost to attend, Labour repairs, dependant on the level of service you have selected.

  • All our attending engineers are either GAS SAFE or HEAT PUMP Accredited.

  • Three Star Priority service 365 days a year.

  • Advice about your system from our Technical Engineers.


What happens if you have a breakdown?

Give us a call, explain your problem and arrange for an engineer to visit. There are no claim forms to complete - it couldn't be easier.


Cover provided by the Plan

A service and safety inspection will be carried out within four weeks of the Application Form. Please note that some boilers may not be acceptable for cover.

On completion of the service/inspection a Validation Certificate will be sent to you confirming acceptance of your system for cover. This scheme is designed for domestic single dwellings, it does not cover Landlords certification.



This Plan does not cover faults attributable to faulty installation or design.

Acceptance of a system under this Plan does not imply that it is installed satisfactorily to prevailing standards.

Best Energy SW Ltd are entitled to cancel this Plan by giving 7 days written notice, in such an unlikely event a pro-rata portion of the premium paid will be refunded.

In the event that an Engineer is called out to rectify a fault which is not covered by the Plan, you will be responsible for any costs incurred.



Start Date

Your agreement begins for a 12 month period commencing from acceptance of the Application Form and when we have received the initial Service Plan payment, a Validation Certificate will be issued after your system has been serviced and inspected.

Ways to Pay

We require to set up a monthly standing order payment into 12 equal monthly payments.

Domestic Use

The Best Energy SW Ltd Service Plan agreements are only available for appliances in domestic use. However we can specifically design a plan for any application.

Period of Agreement

Your agreement runs until you tell us that you would like to cancel, or if we cancel the agreement (see 'Cancellation'). You may cancel the agreement at any time. We will write to you to tell you about any changes to the terms and conditions or prices. Your agreement runs for 12 months from the date it begins (or is renewed), unless you or we use the cancellation rights (set out in the clause headed Cancellation).


Your agreement runs until you tell us that you would like to cancel in writing, or if we cancel the agreement (see 'Cancellation'). You may cancel the agreement at any time. We will write to you to tell you about any changes to the terms and conditions or prices.

Initial Safety Inspection

We will inspect your system prior to acceptance onto the plan to make sure they are safe and in good working order. Our Service Engineer will fill in an Initial Safety Inspection Check List to show you what he or she has checked. We will normally do this inspection within 28 days of your interest in the service plan. If the inspection reveals a problem, we may not provide cover.

Service Coverage

Best Energy SW Ltd are an Exeter based Company and generally cover the entirety of the South West of England. If your property falls outside our area of cover we will tell you when you apply.

Gaining Access to Your Property 

It is your responsibility to let us into your property. If we cannot gain access to your property to carry out the necessary work, we will tell you and arrange another appointment. If after several attempts, we still cannot gain access, we may cancel your agreement. We will inform you in writing if this is the case.

Spare Parts

If we do not carry the spare parts your repair needs on the day, we will obtain the necessary parts notifying you of any delays that may be occurred. We may use an approved alternative or parts that have been reconditioned by the original manufacturer.


One of our engineers will usually carry out the work. In some cases we may authorise a suitably qualified approved contractor to carry out the work.

Consequential Loss

We are not responsible for loss or damage to property caused by the system breaking down (for example, damage to furniture caused by water leaks). If we have to dig on your property, we will fill any holes and leave the surface level but we will not necessarily replace the original surface or construction. Any redecoration that may be needed following our work is your responsibility unless we have been negligent.

Normal Insured Risks

The cost of repairing faults or damage caused by freezing weather conditions, subsidence, structural repairs, accident, fire, lightning, explosion, flood or storm. The cost of repairing damage caused by changes to, or problems with, the gas, electricity or water services. You should check your household insurance to make sure you have enough cover for these risks.

Data Protection Act

Your details will not be passed to a third party for any marketing purposes and will only be used by Best Energy SW for your agreed service requirement.

Using Personal Information

Information you provide or we hold (whether or not under this contract) may be used by us, our employees or agents to: 

  • Identify you when you phone us.

  • Help run any accounts, services and products offered by our Company now or in the future

  • Help us to detect fraud or loss, and to write to, e-mail or phone you with information about other services and products we offer. We will not contact you in this way if you have previously told us not to do so.

Third-party rights

Without our consent nobody other than you will be able to benefit from this agreement.

Our responsibilities

We will meet our responsibilities under this agreement within a reasonable time unless it is impossible for us to do this because of circumstances outside our reasonable control. In particular, we will not be responsible for delays caused by our suppliers or their agents. Or gaining access to rural property when in extreme weather conditions.


We will cancel your agreement if:

  • You have given false information

  • You do not make an agreed payment

  • We find something wrong at the initial safety inspection

  • We are not reasonably able to find parts to keep your system or appliance working safely, or circumstances arise which make it inappropriate for the contract to continue.

If we cancel your agreement, we will give you a full refund if we find something wrong at the initial safety inspection. You are entitled to a full refund if you cancel within seven working days of taking out the agreement, as long as we have not done any work. You may cancel your agreement at any time. If you do so after we have done an inspection or other work and you have paid less than £65 in the last 12 months at the time you cancel, we may charge you an extra amount which brings your total payments under the agreement to £65 when we have done an inspection or other work.


This Plan does not cover:

  • Decorative parts, towel rails, hot water cylinders in excess of 210litres capacity.

  • Cold water storage tanks including header tanks.

  • Hot and cold services domestic pipework, taps, shower pumps or any other equipment not specifically for the central heating system.

  • Any defect attributable to faulty design or installation.

  • Adjustments to time or temperature controls, or re-pressurising boilers or systems.

  • The fabric of the building, ducting or flues contained therein.

  • Any defect caused by malicious or wilful action, negligence, misuse or third party interference.

  • Any damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, flood, storm, frost, impact or any other extraneous cause. The electrical power circuit to which the installation is connected.

  • Any concealed gas supply pipework from the meter to the boiler.

  • Heating Oil fuel storage tanks.

  • Consequential damage or loss of any nature whatsoever arising as a result of any defect occurring in the central heating system.

  • Any defect or damage resulting from a failure of public gas, water or electricity supply.

  • Descaling and any damage arising from water scale deposits or from corrosion. Any blockages or airlocks in the system.

  • Any parts or component not specifically mentioned in the accepted level of cover.

  • Any repair or replacement which may be covered by this Plan that is undertaken without the prior and explicit authority of Best Energy SW Ltd.

  • Any costs however derived occasioned by delay in obtaining replacement parts.

  • Any costs however derived in the event that replacement parts cannot be obtained for any reason and the necessary repair cannot be completed.

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