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Domestic Heating and Hot Water

Best Energy are amongst the most experienced gas boiler engineers in the South West.

Whether you require a service contact, a repair, or would like to discuss the best boiler replacement options for your property and needs, we can find the right system for you. From Hybrid systems to highly efficient gas condensing systems, we are not tied into any manufacturer.


What is the cost of a new boiler?

Your boiler is generally the most important system in your home, especially in cold weather, so when it comes to repairing your boiler or a complete boiler upgrade, it's essential to get it right.

So let's look at whether its the right choice for you to upgrade or fix your current boiler.


Boiler Prices:

Your boiler is one of the biggest bills your house will generate after your mortgage and is at the heart of your home. Making the right choice is key.

New boilers are not cheap and prices will vary greatly from brand to brand and will also differ according to the size of the heating task in hand. Prices range from approximately £700 all the way to £3,000, so it's important to get as much information as you can before you buy a replacement.

Installation and replacement costs are generally compensated by the savings you make thanks to your new, more energy efficient gas boiler. It is estimated that roughly half of what you spend on energy yearly is down to your gas boiler.

How long will it take for a new boiler to pay for itself in savings?

Money saving efficiency and reliability are the key attributes we look for in a new boiler.

If you decide to install a new boiler to replace an old inefficient one, you can expect to save some money on your fuel bills. The boiler installation / replacement costs are likely to be significantly outweighed by the savings you will make.

Lets take a new boiler with 90% efficiency costing £1800, here's how much you could expect to save on a typical gas bill and how long it would take to pay for itself:

  • Old Boiler Efficiency of 60%: Annual Saving of 33% with a saving of £237 with a Return on Investment in 7.5 years.

  • Old Boiler Efficiency of 70%: Annual Saving of 22% with an Annual saving of £158 with e Return of Investment in 11.4 years.

*The figures based on gas-powered central heating, using an average 17252 kWh gas p/a at a cost of £666 p/a.

It's also worth bearing in mind that a new boiler could also add to the value of your home, so take this into consideration when you're looking at boiler prices.

Best Energy have a large selection of Domestic Boilers to suit your needs. So why not call us today, or get a quote

When should I replace my old system?

Now you know how much you could save, here are some simple decision tips:

  • Has you boiler required more repairs than you'd expect in recent times? Has a qualified engineer looked at your boiler and said that it's at the point of no return?

  • If your boiler doesn't give you the control over your heating that you require. Perhaps the controls or timer isn't flexible, or there isn't a thermostat, then a new boiler would be a good option when it comes to helping to cut your fuel bills. In some circumstances, you may be able to get away with just installing new controls.

  • If your system has a 'dry cycle'. A dry cycle is a feature found on old boilers which means that if the heating is on, but your home is already at the temperature set by the thermostat, it won't switch off, but instead will send the heat to an 'overflow radiator' (usually in the bathroom). This can be a real energy waster, because you're heating your home when you don't need to be.

  • If your boiler has a continuous pilot light. (This is the flame you can see burning through a small window on the front of some boilers.) This is a common feature on older boilers and it's a real waste.

  • If your boiler is G-rated for energy efficiency it's a good idea to replace it. You can find out the energy efficiency rating of your boiler at

  • If you want to sell your house or you're renovating your home, a new boiler could add to its value.

  • If your boiler is on the floor mounted rather than on the wall, it's likely to be older and less energy-efficient. It's a good idea to consider a replacement boiler.

Best Energy Tips and Hints To Reduce Your Heating Bills

The average bill is £1,300 per annum and its continuing to rise quicker than inflation!

  • If the average heating bill is £1,300 p.a. then reducing the thermostat temperature by just 1°C would save the average family £130. And let’s face it, can you really tell the difference between a room that’s 20°C and one that’s 19°?

  • In rooms that get the most direct sunlight,keep interior doors open so the heat can diffuse throughout the home

  • After you’ve finished cooking with the oven,leave the door open so the remaining heat can be absorbed within your home

  • Service your boiler on an annual basis

  • Speak to your installer about boiler protection insurance in case it does breakdown

  • Place a carbon monoxide detector on or near your boiler and other gas appliances

  • Check radiators for cold patches when turned on

  • If cold patches are present, speak to Best Energy about flushing your heating system - industry leading system flushing units could remove virtually all sludge from a system in 2 hours

  • Any sized home can benefit from having a magnetic filter fitted

  • Industry-leading models can reduce carbon emissions by up to 250kg a year in an average home

  • Install a thermostat either to individual rooms or your boiler

  • Time your heating to switch off when not needed. Some of our modern boilers have seasonal modes to help you use the appropriate amount of energy for the time of year

  • Even in winter, heating a home for a few hours in the morning and evening will prevent pipes from freezing – there’s no need to keep it on throughout the day

  • When it comes to price, big doesn’t always mean better. Let Best Energy show you the best boiler for your circumstances (we are not tied in to any particular manufactorer)

  • Insulate your loft, insulate your walls and draught-proof your windows

  • Check annually and switch gas and electricity suppliers to make sure you're paying the lowest possible price

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