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Devon's LPG/Oil/Gas Hot Water Specialists
For Over 20 Years

Let us show you what the the best options are for you and your property.

Specially designed for both domestic and commercial building trades, Best Energy water heater solutions offer high-quality technology with high efficiency ratings.


LPG central heating is a cost effective, clean and green alternative for rural and off grid households. It’s delivered and stored in a pressurised tank on your premises in a liquid state.

LPG central heating works in virtually the same way to standard gas central heating. The gas is usually used in a water heating system where an LPG-fired condensing boiler heats water, which is then channelled in to your radiators and taps to give you heating and hot water.

We will tailor solutions for your cooking and heating needs with a fuel system which is better for the environment and as part of our service we will ensure that your installations are inspected, tested and maintained in accordance with the LPG Code of practice.

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